A Healthcare Chatbot

Automating appointment booking can save a lot of labour and is more efficient in many cases. Healthcare providers can benefit from it to serve patients better. This project is a collaboration with industry as part of my university second-year group project. It explores current technology and possibilities in the conversational interface.

Intro video for the chatbot during final presentation(Made by me with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effect @credit: Footages used under CC BY license: https://vimeo.com/malditosproduce/videos)

The solution

The chatbot is built with PHP Laravel to connect Dialogflow API, Facebook API and client's API. Natural language requests are matched by Dialogflow to user intentions and fulfil by our webhook after calling client's database. On the other hand, some interactions are easier to be done in GUI, therefore several forms are also embedded in the chatbot. The main challenge of this project is the connection between multiple parties.

My role in this project was tech lead. I was responsible for studying the technical skills required and distribute the tasks. Both the conversational interface and webhook backend are challenging as we have never built a chatbot before. Before the presentation, I also made a marketing video for promoting our work. Our team was awarded Best of Group IT Project by the university faculty. Thanks to my teammates Khadija, Elsayed, Darren and Gee Xun for the amazing collaboration!

ClientundisclosedServicesConversational interface design and Backend DevelopmentYear2017-2018

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