Combinesell: Multichannel Ecommerce Solution

During my 4 years as freelance full stack web developer, I've started 3 companies ranging from software development agency, online food recommendation to online tuition centre recommendation. I was keen to find business opportunities by constantly meeting new people from various industry and profession through startup networking events. Fortunately, I met my co-founders at Combinesell and have the opportunity to work with them to develop early stage product after securing funding from investors.

(@credit: Combinesell Pte. Ltd.)

The solution

Online sellers can access various information about their products and orders from multiple e-commerce platforms through a single interface. The underlying architecture uses REST APIs heavily to communicate with multiple platforms. It was a challenge to schedule these calls and unify information from various platforms in different formats.

interface of the initial product

As co-founder and CTO, I’ve worked closely with the CEO to win funding from investors and subscription from customers. I was responsible to lead a team of three developers to develop the software. It was challenging because demand from the first batch of customers evolve quickly and APIs from other e-commerce website were not mature yet.

ClientCombineSell Pte. LtdServicesCTO, Co-FounderYearSept 2017 - Feb 2018

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