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I was excited to develop this portfolio website for students in my high school. During that time, there were 6000 students in my high school and they participate in photography society, art society, music society, etc. There was no chance for everyone to showcase and discuss their creative works. After the release, the platforms attracted over 600 artworks from students in a month. It was a delightful experience to connect a community!

Responsive design for mobile, tablets and desktop browsers

The solution

The website was built from ground up with Laravel 4, Bootstrap and JQuery. Students can upload contents, build profiles and discuss artworks on the platform. It also leverage responsive design to deliver smooth mobile experience. A Facebook page was set up for marketing purpose and highlight great contents on the platform to spark discussion.

Discovery page of artworks

Upload paintings and photograph

Upload literature works

Discussion of artworks

Marketing poster designed by Iron Loi

Facebook page (5.8k followers, last accessed 15 Oct 2019)

I initiated this project during my last year in high school. It integrated my interests in computer science and business together. My contribution includes the entire software development, leading a team of 8 for marketing, sponsorship and relation with other societies. We attracted members from 5 societies to constantly upload their creative works. University Raffles University Iskandar, Johor Bahru Malaysia also sponsored us to hold an artwork competition. The website ran for 2 years.

ClientFoon Yew High School Computer SocietyServicesWeb Design, Backend Development and MarketingYear2014 - 2015

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