Dotshub: App for Learning Vocabulary

Learning English as a second language can be challenging when it comes to mastering vocabulary. Students often have to go through a dictionary, having a hard time memorising the words and applying them. This hurdles students from learning faster. The aim in this project is to integrate all tools and make this process effortless. It was also recognised by APICTA (Asia Pacific ICT Alliance) High School Project with Merit Award. (

Design of website, app and browser plugin

Workflow using website and browser plugin for easier accessibility

The solution

The website, app and browser plugin were built with Firebase Realtime Database, AngularJS, Bootstrap and Ionic Framework. They work together to accompany students on different devices. Students can create word lists, add words, view flashcards and practise with exercise on the platform. It integrates the process of learning vocabulary from lookup meaning, memorise, practice and revises under a hood.

Mobile app interface on iOS and Android

Cover of Sinchew Daily Johor Edition, 28th June 2014

MSC APICTA 2014 First Prize in Best of Secondary School Project

ACCCIM STI Competition 2014 First Prize

This project was my submission to ACCIM STI 2014 (June), MSC APICTA 2014 (July) and APICTA 2014 (December). It went through several stages of change from a prototype website to a full platform with website, browser plugin and mobile app. This is my first project that integrates different types of client platforms. Gratefully, I received first prizes from the first two competition and merit award from APICTA. I was also interviewed by a regional newspaper in my country.

ClientGeneral ServicesWeb Design, Backend Development and MarketingYear2014 - 2015

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